Family Dentist in Virginia Beach Discusses Children & Root Canals

There are times when baby teeth do require the use of root canals, but it’s not a common practice. Nerve treatments are safe and effective to prevent the spread of decay and ease the pain in certain circumstances. If these treatments are recommended for your children, you might ask yourself why baby teeth require a root canal when the teeth will fall out anyway?
Why Nerve Treatments for Kids?
Baby teeth begin to fall out around the age of six. That’s why many parents wonder why it’s necessary to treat baby teeth when there’s decay involved. What many people fail to understand is that sparing the teeth until they fall out is essential.
To protect the tooth from loss, nerve treatments are performed in an effort to preserve them. Then, when the permanent tooth arrives, the baby tooth becomes loose just like it would have and falls out.
Meanwhile, the baby tooth is still where it belongs, helping your child eat and maintaining a space for the adult tooth to arrive.
What Happens During Treatment?
When your child experiences trauma, injury, pain, sensitive teeth or inflamed areas around the tooth, they need to be seen by the dentist. Nerve treatment might be recommended to save the tooth from loss. The pulpotomy is a procedure that removes the damaged or infected nerve of the tooth. Once this is removed, a crown is placed on top to protect the tooth from any further damage. This crown comes off when the baby tooth falls out.
This procedure is safe and recommended by pediatric dentists when conditions warrant. If you are unsure about the process or need further evidence that it’s safe to perform, talk with your family dentist in Virginia Beach. Together, you set up a healthy and vibrant future for your children by ensuring that all their needs are met today.