Dr. Hooper, your Virginia Beach dentist, utilizes the latest and greatest in dental technology to fight germs, bacteria, disease and detriment every single day. It takes a certain standard of excellence and dedication to make sure that these tools operate how they should- and that they provide a sterile and thorough experience for all of our patients. And while these are the things we practice within our own practice walls, you actually impart many of these same ideas to your own oral health care at home daily!

But what possible “state of the art” technology could you be using at home to take care of your teeth? Your toothbrush of course! You probably would have never thought that the old brush could do so much for your oral care, but it does indeed!

Make sure to brush twice a day, for at least two minutes per session (and while using proper technique) and follow some of these brush maintenance” tips to keep your brush as germ-free and reliable as ever:

-Following brushing, rinse the brush off with hot water to help remove any lingering debris.

-Place the brush in an open holder in an upright position.

-Allow the brush to dry completely before next use, and don’t allow it to make contact with other objects or surfaces.

-Never share your brush with anyone else…not even a relative or loved one.

-Replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.

By following the above tips and keeping regular appointments with your Virginia Beach dentist, your smile could remain bright white and germ-free for years to come!

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