Virginia Beach Dentist Discusses how to Properly Take Care of a Child’s Smile

Having a smile that lasts a lifetime is the ultimate goal for every patient. In order to do so, this type of dental care has to start at a very young age. With so much on a parent’s plate when it comes to child care, we can understand how it’s easy to overlook their dental health. But with the help of your Virginia Beach dentist, we’re here to provide some helpful tips that will make it easier to keep parents on track!

When it comes to a baby’s oral health care, parents should start right away! It’s just as important as a daily bath. After a baby has eaten, cleaning their mouth out with a wipe will help get rid of any lingering sweetness. This is something that can be easy to ignore because there can be larger issues that a parent faces when it comes to their child’s health.

A baby’s first tooth is an exciting moment! Unfortunately, teething can be a pain for both the child and the parent. When it comes to making your child comfortable when they’re in this stage of growth, we suggest that you massage your child’s gums with your finger or a damp gauze to keep the area clean and help alieve the pain that they’re in.

When it comes to brushing their teeth, children don’t have the proper dexterity to clean their teeth the way they should. Parents should make sure that their children are getting the best cleaning that they can because without their help, their teeth can suffer faster than you may think. Children eating and drinking harmful items that young people normally enjoy, like sweets, chocolates, chips, sodas and more, are putting their growing teeth at a large risk of damage.

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