Cosmetic Dentist in Virginia Beach on Saving Your Smile

It is not uncommon to turn on the TV these days and see a report on an injury that occurred in a sporting event, either amateur or professional. Young people especially are more susceptible to injury from contact sports, and we all know that some sports that aren’t supposed to be contact can often turn into one. In order to help save the mouths (and more) of today’s young athlete, your #1 cosmetic dentist in Virginia Beach is here with some information on mouth guards.

Who and Why?

It is very surprising that many “official” organizations do not require mouth guards to be worn. In fact, when you get to the collegiate or professional level, only sports like ice hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, and football require some sort of mouth guard be worn by athletes. Of course, the number of sports that can result in an injury as a result of a lack of a mouth guard hovers around 30, but we will not list them all here. From rugby to boxing, martial arts and more- basically in any sport involving either yourself and another person, or another object or surface that can cause harm, you should wear a mouth guard- regardless of age.

Many will shy away from usage of a mouth guard because they do not look “cool” or it inhibits communication, but those who are saved because of one can testify how glad they are that they turned their backs on those stigmas. Mouth guards do not only help protect the teeth from chipping, breaking, or loss, but in other ways too. Mouth guards can help prevent more serious injuries like concussions, neck injuries and jaw fractures all because of how they are constructed and designed in taking the “brunt” of the blow.

What makes a good mouth guard?

You can discuss custom made mouth guards with Dr. Hooper, your cosmetic dentist in Virginia Beach, always, but there are a few basic things to look for in a good basic mouth guard. Make sure the guard is comfortable and fits well, allows you to communicate and breathe easily, stays in place, is easy to clean and also is durable and resilient. Most mouth guards will only cover top teeth, but having one that covers both top and bottom is also a benefit.

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