Dr. Hooper believes a lifelong healthy smile begins with proper care and attention to those delicate baby teeth. Routine checkups, cleanings and fluoride treatment not only help your child’s oral health but put them on the path to better overall health.


Regular dentist visits for your child should start shortly after his or her first birthday. This is usually a short visit and acts as an introduction to both the dentist and oral health care in general. No major treatment is involved during this initial visit to the dentist. The object of the visit is to check your child’s teeth to make sure that there are no problems and to show the young one that a trip to a dentist’s office can be a stress-free experience.


As your child gets older, we will examine the gums and teeth and may suggest x-rays that will both indicate the development of the permanent teeth below the gum line and reveal any hidden decay. We may also clean the teeth gently and apply a fluoride treatment to help prevent the onset of decay. Our team will also show your child how to brush and floss properly and help teach why it’s so important to care for teeth at such a young age.

It’s always a good idea to prepare your child in advance for the visit and if you have any fears or hesitation about going to the dentist, do your best to avoid relaying this to your child. You can read books about visiting a dentist with your child, talk about your own positive dental experiences and let him know what to expect at his first visit.


Preventive care is always a top priority at Hooper General & Cosmetic Dentistry and we use high-quality dental sealants to protect the teeth. The sealants are bonded to the surface of the back teeth since this is where decay is likely to first begin in our young patients. These sealants lay the proper foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth.


Dental decay usually traces back to high amounts of sugar in the diet and improper brushing habits. By teaching your child to brush regularly and limiting intake of sugar, cavities can become a thing of the past. When sugar is consumed it causes an acidic reaction in the mouth which lasts for about 20 minutes. This acidic environment quickly attacks the tooth and can lead to the formation of a cavity.


Here are a few tips you can use right away to help prevent the development of childhood tooth decay:

1. Encourage regular rinsing, flossing and brushing
2. Serve treats directly after meals
3. Regularly observe what your child is drinking and eating
4. Provide nutritious snacks
5. Avoid serving sticky foods
6. Limit the number of snack times



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